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Handstand Mastery

The Handstand Mastery e-book will teach you the perfect freestanding handstand, freestanding handstand pushups and even 90° pushups!

The course is programmed on 3 days a week so you can easily include it with your other training. (Alternatively, if you want to focus solely on this program you can simply double the days).

The program consist of 4 phases with each phase lasting 1-2 months depending on your progress.

The first phase starts for beginners who can just achieve a wall handstand, and it builds up from there with the drills and training getting harder and harder each phase.

If you are stuck with a wall handstand or a freestanding handstand and want to learn handstand pushups and 90° pushups then this program is also for you, you just start a phase higher.

By the end of the program there is no doubt that you will have mastered the handstand, handstand pushups and 90° pushups but true dedication is needed!

Who is the course for?

- Beginners

- Advanced

How long does each workout take?

- It depends on your ability, but typically around 1-2 hours.

How are the exercises demonstrated?

- Through private videos assigned to each exercise.

Weighted Calisthenics

1 Year training program to Pull-up and Dip with 100% of your bodyweight added. Build strength, power, muscle growth, endurance and control with this compound calisthenics training e-book.

- Have you always wanted to show-off and pull and dip with 100% of your bodyweight added?

- Do you want to gain strength that transfers to almost any other movement? For example the One Arm Pull-up.

- Learn different methods to train and program

- Do you want to gain a lot of muscle and strength with just calisthenics

- Build a very strong temple with this e-book and be ready for anything in your future training

LittleBeastM Performed a pull up with 100% of his bodyweight and a dip with 120% of his bodyweight following this program.

What is inside the e-book?

• Training Schedule and set-up

• 3 Different types of training methods

• How to start and where?

• A detailed 4 phase training program each spanning a minimum of 1 month

• How and when to increase weight

• Every exercise is shown in detail on video!

• Diet Plan sample

• Warm-up routine (on video)

• Shoulder Prehab and Rehab routine (on video)

• Static stretching routine (on video)

...and much much more!

What equipment do I need to follow the program?

Pull-up bar, Dip bar, Gymnastic Rings, Push up handles, Dip belt and Weight plates, resistance bands (warm-up).

This e-Book is suitable for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Extreme

Pre-Requirements / Warning

You can only begin / perform this progam if you can do 15 bodyweight pull ups and 20 bodyweight dips.

LBM Diet

The LBM Diet: Lean Body Mass or Little Beast Metin, either way this nutritional program will show you how to Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Improve Health and Gain Energy & Strength.

Chock full of real-world experience and tasty meal plans you'll never wonder what and when to eat for exceptional body composition and performance.

I've explored which foods yield the best nutrition and when they should be consumed for optimal results.

This way of eating will create optimal health, make you feel a lot more energised throughout the whole day as well as during workouts (by using meal timing), help you lose fat very fast and of course build muscle.

I have eaten like this for over 3 years now and I've never felt better!

Following the guidelines in this course will easily allow you to get a handle on portion control, meal timing and which foods pack the biggest nutrient-dense punch.

The book design is simple & clean, everything is useful and informative. Absolutely worth it. Recommend to everyone. - Martin Hofman.
[The course gave me] fat loss and good energy. - Di Ezali.
It helped me lose fat and gain weight. I'm 80kg and more ripped than ever. I feel full of energy and have more strength. I feel great even on the field (I play american football). Good stuff. - Martin Hofman.
5 sample breakfasts after implementing the diet.

- Martin Hoffman.
Awesome meals from one of the guys who got my diet book!