Extreme Bodyweight Bodybuilding Program

Warning – this program is not for pu**ies. Extreme soreness, pain, strength, endurance and muscle growth can occur. You just have to deal with it!


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LittleBeastM has put together an extreme program full of deadly supersets that can only be completed if you put your mind to it.

Be a warrior for this 1 month program and feel what kind of pain and enjoyment LittleBeastM goes through. LittleBeastM has used these extreme supersets to train himself and also his clients (one example that you might all know is Adam Raw).

This program will create a monster out of you! Only perform this program if you have mastered the basics of calisthenics as this program only makes use of calisthenic exercises.

All exercises are shown on video.

You need a pair of rings, a dip belt, resistance bands, push up handles, dip bar and a pull up bar.
The program is based on 1 month, but you can do these extreme sets for however long you want.

Good luck and enjoy the pain!