Handstand Mastery E-Book
The Handstand Mastery e-book will teach you the perfect freestanding handstand, freestanding handstand pushups and...
Handstand Mastery & Weighted Calisthenics Bundle

The Handstand Mastery and Weighted Calisthenics e-books in a single bundle offer!

The Handstand Press E-Book

The Handstand Press e-book will teach you The Handstand Press!

LittleBeastM Ultimate Training Bundle

The Handstand Mastery, Handstand Press and Weighted Calisthenics e-books in a single bundle offer!

Extreme Bodyweight Bodybuilding Program
Warning – this program is not for pu**ies. Extreme soreness, pain, strength, endurance and muscle growth can...
The LBM Diet
The LBM Diet: Lean Body Mass or Little Beast Metin, either way this nutritional program will show you how to Lose...
LittleBeastM Bonus Bundle

The Handstand Mastery, Weighted Calisthenics and LBM diet e-books in a single bundle offer!

The LBM Blueprint
From Calisthenics, Ring Training, Barbell and Dumbell Training, Joint Prep, Loaded Stretching, Dynamic Stretching,...
Weighted Calisthenics E-Book
1 Year training program to Pull-up and Dip with 100% of your bodyweight added. Build strength, power, muscle growth,...
Bodyweight Evolution
12 week training program for muscle growth using bodyweight exercises. A detailed 3 phase training program, each...