Handstand For Beginners - Day 2

1. Perform the full warm-up from the PDF File


2. The Workout


Shoulder / Lat Opening Basic

A1: Hanging Swings 30 reps X 2. No rest perform A2.
A2: Underhand Lat Stretch 30-60 Sec X 2. No rest perform A3.
A3: Ring Shoulder Flexion 5 reps x 5 sec X 2. 30 sec rest perform A1.

Perform total 2 rounds.


A1: Frogstand reps 3-5 x 5-10 sec x 5 Sets. No rest perform A2.
A2: Arch body hold 30 sec x 5 Sets. 45-60 sec rest perform A1.

Perform total 5 rounds.

B1: Handstand back to wall one legged-kicks maxrep x 5 sec x 5 sets. No rest perform B2.
B2: Laying belly to floor line drill 10 reps x 5 sets . 45-60 sec rest perform B1.

Perform total 5 rounds.

C1: One arm protracted push up hold 15-45 sec x 4 sets. No rest perform C2.
C2: Wrist flexion/extension 30 reps x 4 sets 45-60 sec rest perform C1.

Perform total 4 rounds.

D1: Pike push ups feet elevated 4-6 reps x 3 sets. No rest perform D2.
D2: Dipbar walks max with good form on x 3 sets 60 sec x 3 sets. 45 Sec rest perform D1.

Perform total 3 rounds.


A: Passive hang 30-60 sec x 1.
B: Band routine x 1.
C: Resistance Band Routine x 1.
D: Wrist Routine x 1.

Perform total 1 round.


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