Online Coaching

I offer a 3 month online coaching service which consists of 2-3 phases of 4 to 6 weeks each depending on your progress, goals and current training capabilities.

Over the 3 month period I will oversee your training and program your routine. You will have the ability to contact me via email for the aforementioned period.

I create one phase per time, where the whole programme is set up with warm ups, preparations, alignment, mobility, static stretches and strength work, handbalancing, etc.

All exercises are shown on video, even basic movements such as a squat or a push up.

The programme will be designed to your goals, time limits and weekly schedules. If there are any changes in your life I will reprogram as needed.

Also diet advice, tips or full plans can be provided within the program.

Before beginning, you are required to film a number of exercises which will allow me to review your form and make alterations if needed. Upon completion of each phase you will send a video for review.

Training with me is fun, challenging, successful and easy to understand!


Please do not hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as I'm always happy to discuss online coaching, books, programs and training related queries.