The Beauty of LittleBeastM Training

The Beauty of Bodyweight Training, The Beauty of Powerlifting, The Beauty of Mobility Training

It has Light. It has Darkness.

Rules for Bodyweight Training

Work on building high volume sets with reps ranges from 1 to 6 and sets 5 to 10.

Once you feel comfortable in a movement, make it harder by playing with TEMPO and THEN MOVE ON! To the bigger and more complex ranges! DO NOT AIM FOR HIGHER REPS, IT'S USELESS AND IT GETS YOU NOWHERE!

For example:

Dip x 5, Dip x 10, Dip x 15 Dip x 20, x 30, 40, 50, 60? WTF are you progressing here? NOTHING.

Dip x 5, Wide Dips x 5, Straight Bar Dips x 5, Ring Dips x 5, Bulgarian Dips x 5, etc.

That's progress!

At the same time you increase intensity, adapting to new ranges, stimulating the brain and building a more bulletproof body that has less chance of injury.

At the same time, I also believe overloading is necessary for most people! Be smart!

Rules for Powerlifting / Weight Training

Make sure you work in the deepest range of motion for the movement standards. Never sacrifice ROM for WEIGHT.

Work in different types of sets, 3 to 5 sets, 1 to 8 reps. First make sure your ROM is good before making it harder, by playing with TEMPO, pause reps and then finally increase the weight.

I highly believe in using powerlifting movements for many reasons; Strength, Muscle, Overloading, Increasing Weak Areas, Being More Adaptable, etc.

Rules for Mobility / Flexibility

Make sure you play with all forms of mobility; Active, Passive, Reps, Ballistic, Flow, Weighted, etc.iIn order to keep making progress and NOT LOSE IT.

One must always search for bigger and more complex ranges. This is also the best way to MAINTAIN! 

One can passively get into a pancake or a side split, but can not actively be in those ranges when performing a press, planche, kick or handstand.

This is where the different forms of mobility training come in.

With all these styles you will build a stronger, more free and more bulletproof body.

You will have many results in your journey; think longevity, adaptable, maintaining, learning and receiving better, etc.

This is just a personal opinion on how I look at developing and training the body.


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