About LittleBeastM

From an early age I was always interested in strength, sports and the body.

As a young child I was training Judo, Boxing and Soccer. I would always stand out with the other guys even at a young age and in Judo I was able to beat the Older guys. At one point I was ranked #1 in Judo in The Netherlands.

As I got older I became more interested in strength training and developing the body. At the age of 15 I would do hundreds and hundreds of push-ups everyday in my room while playing the xBox.

At the time YouTube became popular and I came across videos of guys training in the park with their own bodyweight and it was called calisthenics.

By watching lots of videos I became very obsessed with training and at the age of 17 I bought myself a powerstation and a pair of push up handles and I started training everyday.

Over that short period of time I became very strong and big, so much so that my friends became interested in training the way I did. At the age of 18 I started training my friends in the park.

Slowly with time and experience I started to understand what works and what doesn't in bodyweight training and development.

I skipped the nonsense and just taught and trained the best possible movements. The learning never ends!

At the age of 19 one day before I turned 20 I tore my bicep tendon by doing a full planche without warming up. It was hell!

For 1 and a half years I had to rest and slowly started to find conditioning and rehab for the bicep.

After 3 months I finally started to slowly train again but there was pain and there still is until this day. I think I have to accept that I will have to live with some level of pain forever.

As I became more recognised I wrote a few e-books that became very popular and gave the readers great results.

A number of readers also became interested in online personal training, which I have been providing for the last year, and have achieved amazing results which is extremely fulfilling.


Please do not hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as I'm always happy to discuss online coaching, books, programs and training related queries.