The LBM Blueprint

From Calisthenics, Ring Training, Barbell and Dumbell Training, Joint Prep, Loaded Stretching, Dynamic Stretching, Mobility Flow, Breathing Techniques, Meditation and more!


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An e-book and program based on the training and lifestyle of LittleBeastM.

In this e-book you will learn how to build a well rounded body and mind, by using different styles of training and tools.

With this program you will learn how to combine both Calisthenics and Weight training to build a bulletproof body that not only looks good, but also functions very well in all aspects of training and life.

You will not only build balanced functional lean muscle, but your joints, tendons and ligaments will also be prepared for the demands of training.

In this program different styles of mobility and flexibility training are done, each style has a purpose and it can be done by anyone.

Learn how to program properly so you can make the most of your time while covering all aspects of building that healthy body and mind.

Think of the LBM BLUEPRINT in a more general way, where all things are covered and completed with the best tools and styles in the eyes of LittleBeastM.

From Calisthenics, Ring Training, Barbell and Dumbell Training, Joint Prep, Loaded Stretching, Dynamic Stretching, Mobility Flow, Breathing Techniques, Meditation and more!

Praise For The LBM Blueprint

I'm 24, this is my story. Like everyone else I had been brainwashed by family, friends society. A few years ago I lost my job, I started going to the gym to "get fit", focused on weight and diet.

Gradually I became interested in everything related to fitness for 2 years, then I started researching on my own, one good day, I found some videos of LittleBeastm and Adam Raw training. That impressed me a lot and since then I fell in love and started with calisthenics.

Currently, I am a beginner in calisthenics training (1 year) and I'll be honest, my dream, passion and goal, is to be a complete athlete and personal trainer as Metin is and live a lfe of what I love.

Unfortunately now I cannot afford to pay the personal training he offers, but at least invest my little money on food and some of his good books, to learn every day of him, and from my own experiences.


With this book you will learn how to use a lot of tools to find your understanding of real training and fitness. I really love the sections called "What not to do" and "Meditation", which help me a lot to manage stress, and the negative energy in my mind and out, and much more.

My opinion is that this book is really worth it and I'm waiting for the second edition.

Pranayama is amazing, it helps me with my anxiety and calms my mind. It's been passed down from generations and I learned it from my grandpa. Awesome to see this in your book Metin.

Little quick review about the blueprint, you've really outdone yourself this time man. I'm really digging going through the ebook.

I bought the blueprint because I've been following LBM for a long time and have always appreciated his determination. I knew he had knowledge but I wasn't expecting anything mind blowing, just training advice like many others put out.

I have to say the blueprint is way more than I expected! It's very well put together and comprehensive. The program is on point but, for me, the best parts are before you even get to the program itself. The background details that talk about how to approach training, how to create the environment and build a real lifestyle that supports your training so you're always making progress. That is where the blueprint really shines. Someone can make an amazing program but that's only a part of the puzzle.

I would strongly encourage everyone that trains to purchase the blueprint. Even if your training is where you want it to be and you aren't looking for a program to follow, the blueprint will give you something to think about and work on.

(The program itself is really really good as well and has given me great ideas. I'm the type of person that likes to make and follow my own programming but for those without experience making their own programs this will be mind blowing).

Finally got Little Beastm new book the LBM blueprint! Time to get things a whole other training level.

I'm taking a first look on the ebook, and &*@! man, is &*@!ing amazing! Thanks to you!